First Report on Vonage

Well, truth be told I am very impressed! I’ve been using Vonage for almost a month now and the feature list has proven very impressive.

First, let’s talk basic functionality. Sending and receiving calls works the same way as with any other phone. All that happens when you make the service switch is that you unplug your phone from the wall jack and plug it into the Vonage unit. Once that is done and you’ve activated the service, calls come in and calls go out just like before. Activation is simple and the instructions provided were helpful. Some may find difficulty interfacing the unit with a home router and your Internet provider, but a little patience goes a long way during this process. I had a little trouble initially but a bit more research gave me the answers I needed to get things working.

I went through the process of porting all our old numbers over to the new service basically so that I wouldn’t have to print new business cards and advertising materials. Unfortunately this process didn’t go exactly as planned. I eventually was able to transfer all of our numbers but it took over a month to do so. There was only 1 real problem that interfered with the transfer and that problem was our distinctive ring service. When you request to transfer a number to Vonage you cannot have ANY special calling features active on the line you’re going to transfer. These include service like distinctive ring and DSL service. These features will prevent the transfer all together so you must ensure they are turned off prior to transferring the number.

Vonage comes with a whole lot of features for a lot less than what most phone companies charge. I’ll just discuss a few of my favorites. My #1 favorite is Simulring…a call coming in to your Vonage number can automatically ring up to 5 additional numbers and the call can be answered from ANY of the numbers. For someone who is on the go (like me) this is awesome! I just enter all the numbers where I can normally be reached all the phones ring together when a call comes in to the Vonage line.

Vonage includes all the other typical features like Caller ID though some calls that provided names before the switch only show numbers now. Not all of them, just some. A little odd but not a huge problem. Voicemail works like a champ and messages can be forwarded to your email…prevents you from missing messages for sure!

All in all it has proven to be a great deal. I can take my numbers with me if I have to move be it across the street or across the country and call quality is on par with any other phone system I’ve used. For a small additional fee you can also make and receive calls from your Vonage number using your computer from any location with Internet service. Give the service a try, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.