When is it time to get a new computer?  I’ve certainly been asked this question a number of times over the years but it’s not always that simple of an answer.  My general response is that as long as the computer is still completing the task that you need it to do then why get another one.  At this moment I have a number of computers running on my network that are far below standards for modern software however they perform the task that I need them to do, generally without fail.

The phrase to describe this is repurposing, assigning the computer to a task it can handle but still be useful.  Many people already do this when they buy themselves a new computer and pass the old one to the kids.  It’s nice because you continue to reap benefit from the machine and therefore the computer doesn’t end up being tossed into the trash headed for the landfill.

However, there does come a time when the fact stands…the computer is just too old and obsolete to complete the task you need it to do.  This is the time to buy yourself a new one and donate or recycle the old one.  Computers change so fast that you can never keep up with the technology so this is the standard I use in upgrading my systems.